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A Konkanastha clan

The Kale family belonged  to Konkanastha brahmin community and were of Shandilya gotra , originally hailed from Adivare , in Ratnagiri district Konkan.

In Nashik when the family migrated generations back , Shrimant Hari Trimbak Kale, the last Jagirdar ( Raja) of Waghere, shared the title and noble duties with his first cousin, the administration and tax revenue was under Shrimant Hari Trimbak's domain) whose ancestors had settled in Nashik. His fore fathers were the konkanastha warriors who had fought with Shivaji Maharaje.

Generations back, the Kale family was rewarded a jagir/Inam (fief) as a symbol of gratitude as the family shared their wealth with the poor and needy .

The Kale family were one of the wealthiest and well known families of Nashik , even before the time of getting the Jagir. The Kale family were Sahukars of Nashik.They also helped the needy who visited Trimbakeshwar ( a pilgrimage site.)

They even had a pawn and exchange business and printing press business.
One of the first printing press in Nashik.

The family owned a newspaper company and also founded it. The 'Nashik News', was the newspaper's name.

The Family were Jagirdars (noble rulers) of Waghere in Igatpuri . /  Royal family of Waghere.

The Kale family had relations with other Noble houses and other well known families like the Barve, royal family of Yeola state ( Inamdars) in Nashik. The Sardar Hasabnis family of Poona , the Ranade jagirdar family of Vita state in Sangli , other noble families and etc.

The Kale family had good family friend relations with Lokmanya Tilak , Tilak's daughter's family ( Ketkar family) and the Patwardhan royals.In fact, one of the Patwardhan royals was hosted by the Kale's in their wada and was employed as the editor of the Newspaper they owned.

In Adivare, Shrimant Hari Trimbak's fore fathers were high priests of the kul devta temple and were the imparters of knowledge of dharma , vedas and morality.

Shrimant Hari Trimbak Kale of Waghere's grandson Purushottam Balkrushna Kale, an electric engineer, who bought electricity to Nagpur, his descendants are settled in Nagpur and have well settled family businesses , which were established by Purushottam Balkrushna kale ( neé Saheb ).

Purushottam Balkrushna Kale is also the grandson of Sardar Bapusaheb Hasabnis of Poona state from his maternal side.

Purushottam Kale's consort  Anasuyabai Kale (neé Bhate) , was a freedom fighter , social reformer and first lady MP (Member of Parliament)also a former deputy speaker of the Central Province and Berar assembly and Madhya Pradesh assembly.She was also the President of the Nagpur Congress Comitee in 1935 and even the President of the AIWC ( All India Women's Conference.Anusuyabai was the daughter of prominent lawyer's Shri SadashivRao Bhate also known to people as BhauSaheb Bhate.Anasuyabai hailed from a wealthy and prominent family of Belgaum and were the  descendant of the erstwhile Diwan Saheb of Aundh state.

There are several other Hindu Chitpavan brahmin rulers other than Kale family of Waghere.They are -
Bhave of Ramdurg
Patwardhan of Jamkhandi
Patwardhan of Sangli
Patwardhan of Miraj
Patwardhan of Kurunwad snr and junior
Barve of Yeola
Ranade of Vita  and etc.

The Kuldevi ( Family deity) of Kale family, Adivare 

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